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3 New Disney Cruise Line Ships Coming to the Fleet

New Disney Cruise Line ShipsFor some time now we’ve been hearing about the new Disney Cruise Line Ships that are coming, but yesterday we got a surprise during the Parks and Resorts presentation.  Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts said that they are planning on building not 2 more, but Disney fans attending D23 in Anaheim got a huge surprise today. They were the first to hear that Disney Cruise Line is adding not two, but 3 new Disney Cruise Line Ships to the fleet.

That means the total number of Disney ships will grow from 4 to 7 over the next few years, and by consequence more guests will be able to experience the wonderful vacation that is a Disney Cruise.  When we originally heard that 2 ships were being built at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, the target completion dates were 2021 and 2023.  This other ship will also be built at the same location but have a completion date of 2022.

“We decided two ships wouldn’t be enough to hold all of the exciting new experiences we have been dreaming up to take family cruise vacations to a whole new level with immersive Disney storytelling, world-class family entertainment, and imaginative innovations that are fantastically fun and uniquely Disney,” Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said.

They still didn’t however give us any ship names, design plans or itineraries as they are still currently in development.  However we do know that they should each have their own unique experiences on-board, which just means you’re going to have to try all 3!  The three new ships will be powered by clean-burning liquefied natural gas and be the same size, approximately 135,000 gross tons with about 1,250 guest staterooms planned, which is just a bit larger than the newest Disney Cruise Line ships, the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

These ships really are going to be the next generation of design and experience that will transform the way you cruise.  Already we have wonderful cruise ship experiences with, Star Wars, Marvel and other experiences leading the way.  I can only imagine what Disney has up their sleeve right now with these new ships, but I for one want to be there to find out as I’m Disney is going to take us on journeys we can only dream of.

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Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the 3 New Disney Cruise Line Ships.  What kind of experiences do you think they’ll have on-board?  What do you think they will be called?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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