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New 350 Room Hotel Coming to Swan and Dolphin Area

350 Room Hotel Coming to Swan and DolphinA few months back we reported a rumor about a new 350 Room Hotel coming to the Swan and Dolphin area, now according to the Orlando Sentinel it looks like that rumor has been confirmed.  The Coastal Construction Group, headed by Robert Utsey and Sean DeMartino, will be pursuing major construction projects in the area, including the new hotel near the Swan and Dolphin.  This after the Swan and Dolphin recently underwent a massive multi-million dollar refurbishment.

From what we can tell this will be an even higher-end hotel than the Swan and Dolphin are, and will be a “boutique” style geared towards a higher-end clientele, an answer to other nearby hotels like the Four Seasons, etc.  The hotel will go in the area where the tennis courts are currently located, with some minor modifications needing to be made to Fantasia Gardens parking area as well.

This comes as one of many hotel projects coming to the Epcot-area.  Already we know that the Riviera Resort is under construction, and recently some interesting site studies lead us to believe Disney could be adding even another resort to the area.  No doubt with so many potential new rooms being added to the Epcot Resort area, Disney has some big plans for the park in the near future.

Again nothing has been confirmed by Disney at this point, but from what the Coastal Construction Company said, the project is very much alive.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about a New 350 Room Hotel coming to the Swan and Dolphin area.  What kind of hotel do you want to see?  Do you like the idea of a high-end hotel?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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News Credit: Orlando Sentinel

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