Ways to Save Money at Disney World (2024)

If you are like me then you are always trying to save money when you can, and when considering how expensive Disney World is, every little bit helps.

I will show you tips on saving money on your transportation, hotel rooms, theme park tickets, dining, merchandise, and all the other expenses you will have at Disney World.

First off, you can use your credit card rewards points to book stays at off-site hotels such as Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels Hilton, and Wyndham.

Use Credit Card Perks

A day at the parks can be costly, covering not just family tickets but also various other expenses throughout the day.

Spend Fewer Days in the Parks

Save money easily by purchasing discounted park tickets from sites like Undercover Tourist, where you can enjoy savings ranging from $6 to $72 on multi-day tickets!

Buy Discounted Tickets

While Disney food is fantastic and a family favorite, saving significant money is possible by occasionally opting for meals outside the park.

Eat Outside Disney World

There is MORE than enough to do at the parks to keep you busy all day and by skipping the park hopper option you’ll save hundreds of dollars on your park tickets.

Skip the Park Hopper Option

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