Walt Disney World | Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Get ready to explore African savannas, Asian jungles, and even other planets all with breathtaking landscapes and immersive stories and without ever leaving Orlando!

In this story, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, including all the rides and attractions, entertainment, and restaurants you have to experience.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Disney World’s biggest theme park at 580 acres, roughly 5 times the size of Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

What is the Animal Kingdom?

Going along with that, the most famous attraction in the park is Kilimanjaro Safaris, the perfect way to see those animals.

What is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Known for?

If you’ve seen the logo for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, you might have noticed the Tree of Life, the animals, which include a dragon in the middle of them.

Animal Kingdom Logo

Getting a ticket with a Park Hopper option is always a good idea, as it allows you to visit multiple parks on the same day.

Getting Tickets

Depending on what time of year you plan on going, a 1-Day ticket to Disney’s Hollywood Studios can cost anywhere from $109 to $159.

How Much Does Animal Kingdom cost?

Park reservations can be made on the Disney World website, but again, you’ll need to have a valid park admission before making a park reservation.

Park Pass Reservations

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