Using Standby Queue for Rise of the Resistance | Tips and Info

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is no doubt one of the most ambitious and popular attractions that Disney Imagineering has ever created.

In this story, we will cover everything all the changes to Rise of the Resistance since switching over to a standby queue.

This way we would avoid lines potentially 5+ hours long and make it much more pleasant for guests to experience.

Why Did This Ride Stop Using the Virtual Queue?

Since using the standby queue, the average wait times for Rise of the Resistance have been approximately 83 minutes at any given time during the day.

How Long is the Wait Now with Standby Line?

Given that the average wait time for all attractions in Hollywood Studios is only 36 minutes over the same time period, Rise is clearly the park's most popular ride and the top priority for guests.

It also is usually a good way to get the most popular ride in each park done while spending a minimal amount of time waiting in line.

Rope Dropping Rise of the Resistance

Naturally, many people are going to rope drop Rise of the Resistance since logically it would seem that this is the best way to ride it now with a standby queue.

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