Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – Full Details

In this story, you will find all the details about the Rise of the Resistance ride including: opening, ride vehicle, a walk-through of the attraction, capacity, and many other FAQs you might have.

We’re also going to share with you our thoughts and a review on the new ride after having gotten a chance to ride it dozens of times!

From our experience riding it, Rise of the Resistance is about 18 minutes long.

Ride Length

Ride Vehicle

The ride vehicle for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has 2 rows of 4 people for a total of 8 passengers.

Height Requirement

There is a minimum 40-inch height requirement for the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride in both Hollywood Studios and Disneyland.

Once you get into the queue from the entrance, the wait time can be 2 hours long or even more.

How Long is the Attraction Queue?

Guest Accessibility

The entire queue is ECV-friendly, allowing guests to remain in their wheelchairs, scooters, or other accessibility devices until the ride vehicle portion.

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