MagicBand+ Ultimate Guide at Disney World 2023 | Info & FAQs

Recently, Disney unveiled the new MagicBand+ which has now arrived at Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort.

This new generation MagicBand system has added many new features and improvements over the old one and will change the way you visit the parks.

Can You Still Use Regular MagicBands in 2023?

Yes, you can. Disney has made it clear that the current MagicBands (MagicBand 2.0) will continue to be available throughout 2023 and be used for all the normal functions it has always had.

Disney is continuing to sell MagicBands in the theme parks and online, so guests will be able to use them for now, and into at least the near-term future.

Guests are not forced to use MagicBands while visiting Disney World and there are still many options without using one.

Do You Need a MagicBand for Disney World?

MagicBands and Privacy

MagicBands use RF technology to send and receive information, which Disney says was built with extensive privacy controls and with guest safety in mind.

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