Magic Kingdom Expansion | Encanto, Coco & Disney Villains Land

There were a ton of announcements at this past D23 Expo, but none of them was more exciting than a potential Magic Kingdom expansion including an area themed to Coco, Encanto, and Disney Villains!

In this story, we'll go over everything we've learned about the "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" expansion to Disney's Magic Kingdom, which will be built behind the existing Frontierland.

They identified "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" as the park's next potential expansion and proposed three potential themed areas to fill it. These were Coco, Encanto, and a Disney Villains land.


One thing they highlighted multiple times is that this project and concept art is all “Blue Sky” and just an “early concept exploration” of what could happen to this area of the park.

However, it is pretty clear at this point that no matter what exactly is coming to the Magic Kingdom, SOMETHING is coming, and that is very exciting in itself.

From the latest announcement, Disney seems to have earmarked the area behind Frontierland as the most suitable place to expand the park in the near future.


If this project goes through, not too much will change to Frontierland as it currently stands.

What Will Happen to Frontierland?

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