How to Meet The Mandalorian and Grogu at Disney World

Are you or someone in your family a huge fan of The Mandalorian and his incredibly cute sidekick Grogu? If you I have some great news for you!

Disney has now opened up a new character meet for The Mandalorian in Galaxy’s Edge and you can actually meet them in person on your next trip!

In this story, we will cover everything you need to know about the new Mandalorian & Grogu (Baby Yoda) character meet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the only place to meet The Mandalorian and Grogu at Walt Disney World.

In Which Disney Theme Parks Can You Meet The Mandalorian and Grogu?(Snack Cart)

So if you’re wanting to see the two popular stars, come to Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios and you might just come in contact with these two fan favorites!

It’s not hard to find them either. Guests have been flocking to them, making it clear where they are. Just follow the crowds.

The Mandalorian Character Meet Location In Galaxy’s Edge

If you are looking for the best place to find The Mandalorian and Grogu in Galaxy’s Edge, we have noticed there is a greater likelihood of spotting them if you stick around the Marketplace Area.

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