Epcot's Top Snacks in 2024 – Exploring the World Showcase Story

While some of the attractions are fun, the real reason you come to Epcot is to eat!

But with so many options it can be tough to know what to get, that’s why we’ve decided to make our list of the Best Snacks at Epcot!

It has the perfect balance of crunchy and salty and it’s great for sharing with friends.

Maple Popcorn  (Snack Cart)


That juicy and succulent fish is coated in a crunchy beer batter and fried to perfection. Fish is good for you right??

Fish and Chips (Yorkshire County Fish Shop)



You’d be mistaken to not try it as it has a perfect thin pastry shell and a sweet custardy cream.

Flan e Cerises (Cherry and Flan Tart)

The pastry dough is very light and flaky and the almond paste inside is just enough to meet expectations.


Almond Pastry (Oasis Sips & Sweets)

Baklava (Oasis Sweets & Sips)

Of course when you think of snacks in the Morocco pavilion, your mind jumps to baklava, and there are lots of flavors there to choose from.

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