Droid Depot: Building a Droid, Prices | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

In this story, we’re going to share with you everything you need to know about the droid depot in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge including how to build your own customizable droid unit.

The custom-built droids here are so cool! You pick the parts, you assemble the droid, then you take it home, it’s that simple!

Droid Depot is really easy to find as it’s located right along the main Street in Star Wars Land, across the way from the speeders garage in both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park.


Hours of Operation

Droid Depot opens and closes with the Galaxy’s Edge every day, so there are no particular hours, just show up before the park closes and it’ll be open.

Building your Droid

Once you select the type of droid you want, you’ll choose from a variety of different droid parts which come to you on a conveyor belt.

Parts Station

Building a droid is simple—follow the directions on the "placemat" or monitor displays to assemble it in the correct order.

Build Station

Droid Activation

Once you’ve completed building your droid, the coolest part of the whole experience is next…activation!

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