Top Disney World Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

In this story, I am going to go over all the worst mistakes that most guests make.

This is going to be especially useful if it’s your first visit, but even if you’ve been dozens of times, you are going to learn some new tips and things to avoid to make your trip even more magical.

Things like ordering food (Mobile Orders), looking at park maps, making ride reservations and making dining reservations, it’s all done on the MDE app.

Not Getting Used to My Disney Experience App

Another big mistake is visiting for too few days! Trying to cram EVERYTHING into a couple of days is impossible, it really is! Our family visits a few times a year, and we still have not done everything or tried everything.

Going for Too Few Days

Plan smart by scheduling more indoor activities during the heat of the day or rain. Opt for sit-down lunches, indoor entertainment, and rides during these times.

Not Planning for the Florida Weather

We recommend going on your favorite rides ASAP. Waiting until the end of your trip can be risky!

Mistakes in the Parks

Waiting to Do Priority Attractions

Getting blisters or cramps in your feet can be awful, especially while you’re waiting in line and getting the proper shoes can make a WORLD of difference.

Not Wearing the Proper Shoes

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