Resident Tickets for Disney World Florida in 2023

In this story, we will explain everything you need to know about Disney World Florida Resident tickets including all the various options, who is eligible to buy them, and how much they cost.

When visiting Walt Disney World, our goal is to help save you as much money as possible and we’ll share with you the kind of savings you can expect to see with these tickets.

(NEWS) Disney Weekday Magic Florida Resident Tickets Offer

Started on January 10, 2023, Disney is offering a 2, 3, and 4-Day Weekday Magic Florida Resident tickets for locals for dates of visit between January 10 and April 27, 2023.

The 2-day ticket cost $175 (Around $87.50 per day), the 3-day version cost $195 (Around $65 per day), and the 4-day option cost $215. (Around $53.75 per day). Tax must be added to all prices.

You can use these tickets at any one of the four theme parks. These tickets are only valid from Monday to Friday and are subject to some blackout dates as well.

Here is the list of blackout dates for the 2023 Florida Resident Disney Weekday Magic Tickets: – March 13 to March 17, 2023 – April 3 to April 7, 2023 – April 10 to April 14, 2023

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