Lightning Lane Multi Pass & Single Pass at Disney World | Guide

This is a complete guide to the new Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Single Pass at Walt Disney World which is debuting on July 24, 2024.

We will explain what they are, how much they cost, attraction tiers, how to use the Lightning Lane and much more.

Simply put, the Lightning Lane Multi Pass is a paid service that lets guests book reservations for attractions and skip waiting in line.

Lightning Lane Multi Pass

Once purchased, the Multi Pass allows guests to choose from attractions included in the list of Multi Pass rides and make a ride reservation for them.

How Does it Work?

– Multiple Parks: $20-$39 per person, per day – Magic Kingdom: $20-$39 per person, per day – Hollywood Studios: $20-$35 per person, per day – EPCOT: $15-$32 per person, per day

How Much Does it Cost at Disney World?

The Lightning Lane Single Pass is a pay-per ride service separate from the Multi Pass that allows you to skip the standby queue on a handful of the most popular attractions at Disney World.

Lightning Lane Single Pass

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