How to Purchase Individual Lightning Lanes at Disney & Cost

In this story, we are going to show you step-by-step how to purchase Individual Lightning Lane attractions and then how to redeem your selections once you buy a pass.

We will also provide you with the most recent prices for all Individual Lightning Lane attractions, including the highs and lows to date, as well as an estimate of the service's future cost.

Since we’ve used the Individual Lightning Lanes many times in the theme parks, our goal is to help you understand all the basics for using it, and in the easiest way possible.

Individual Lightning Lane attractions is Disney’s pay-per-ride service that lets guests skip the line at one attraction at a time.

What are Individual Lightning Lanes?

It doesn’t matter what type of ticket you purchase (Annual Pass, One-Day, Multi-Day, or a ticket as part of a Disney World vacation package) but you need to have one before you arrive.

Park Tickets

Individual Lightning Lane attractions cost on average between $7-$25 each at Walt Disney World depending on the ride and date you choose to go.

Individual Lightning Lane Attractions & Prices

Separate from your park ticket, you also need to have a Disney park pass reservation for the theme park you plan on visiting that day or you can’t get in.

Park Pass Reservations

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