How to Make Disney World Park Pass Reservations | Update

With Walt Disney World reopening, one of the biggest announcements recently has been the creation of a new Disney World Park Pass Reservation system.

In this story, we will explain everything we know so far about the park reservation system at Walt Disney World including why it’s being used, and how it works.

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The real reason Disney is still using it is that it allows Disney to save money by staffing the park correctly for that day, as well as ordering the right amount of supplies needed.

(UPDATE) Big Changes to the Park Pass Reservation Process at Disney World

Disney World Annual Passholders will soon be able to visit the parks AFTER 2:00 pm without needing to make a park reservation.

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This will give us a quick look at how things are shaping up with park reservations so far in 2023.

Right away you will notice that despite the parks being much fuller and with long wait times almost every day of the week, there is an abundance of passes available.

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