How to Eat Cheap at Walt Disney World

In this story, we are going to go over how you can eat well at Disney World without breaking the bank and having to dip into your kids’ college fund just to pay for your meals.

We will show you how much meals cost on average and compare table service to quick service meals.

Bottles of water can be nearly $4 each, making the cost of water incredibly costly, especially for larger families.

Bring Refillable Water Bottles

While not every place will give it to you, most quick service locations will give you a cup that you can easily use to get a cup of water.

Ask for Free Cups of Ice Water

If you’d prefer going grocery shopping yourself you can do this easily with a vehicle. There are tons of options within a few miles of the Disney Resorts.

Go Grocery Shopping Yourself

If you don’t need a sit-down meal each day, by eating quick service meals you can have some really tasty food for a fraction of the cost.

Eat Quick Service Meals Instead of Table Service Meals

Some adults don’t have large appetites so instead of wasting a portion of your food or stuffing yourself unnecessarily, order off the kid’s menu!

Order Off The Kids Menus

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