Exploring Club Cool in EPCOT

In this story, we are going to give you a full tour of the new store with photos of the merchandise and a full list and review of every soda at Club Cool.

Club Cool was famous because there were soda fountains where guests could get free samples of different sodas from around the world. The most famous of which was the controversial Beverly.

Thankfully, since that’s what 99% of the guests went into the old store for, that has not changed. Club Cool still has Beverly, and a completely new lineup of sodas.

Disney is currently limiting the number of guests that can be in the store at one time. As guests leave the store, the next in line can enter.

Arriving at Club Cool

Even with limited capacity, the store can get very full at times. That’s the line for the soda machines, but we’ll get back to that in a moment.

Inside the Store

These are the normal Coca-Cola fountain drinks you’ll find throughout the parks, as well as Ice Cream floats with root beer, Coke, and orange soda, perfect for a hot day in EPCOT.

There is similar merchandise on the wall with plenty of Coca-Cola stuff.


This is an international Coca-Cola shirt with the company logo in many languages.

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