EPCOT Park Hours 2023 | FAQs & Tips

Before visiting EPCOT in Walt Disney World, you need to know the park hours. The opening times, closing times, entertainment, and fireworks times can change quite often, so you’ll need to be prepared.

In this story, we’ll cover all the EPCOT park hours in 2023 including the upcoming park hours over the next few months, normal operating hours, and early morning openings.

EPCOT’s hours are pretty consistent over the spring calendar and have almost identical weekly schedules throughout these couple of months, and that means a 9:00 am open and a 9:00 pm close.

EPCOT rarely, if ever, closes early. Unlike the Magic Kingdom, there usually is more consistency with the closing times at EPCOT.

Does EPCOT Ever Close Early?

In EPCOT, at times this happens with less popular attractions like Journey Into Imagination or some of the films.

Some Rides Close Early

This is quite common with the less popular attractions throughout the park. You can also check the closing times in the My Disney Experience app, and plan your last hour in the park accordingly.

We love enjoying time throughout EPCOT after dark, especially when easing our way around one of the festivals and having a snack and possibly a cocktail!

Staying Late in the Park

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