Disney World Florida Resident Tickets - 2024

You already know that Disney World theme park tickets are super expensive, and the price is always going up!

But did you know that if you live in Florida you can pay way less than other guests? That’s why we made this guide to Florida Resident tickets!

In this story, we'll cover all you need to know about Disney World Florida Resident tickets: options, eligibility, and cost versus regular Disney tickets.

The 1-Day Florida Resident ticket gives you entry into one of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks for one day.

1-Day Florida Resident Tickets

While in the past we’ve seen 2-Day Standard Florida Residents appear, that is not currently the case. Guests will need to purchase either the 3 or 4-Day Florida Resident Ticket.

2-Day Florida Resident Tickets

Right now, Disney is offering 3-day base tickets for Floridians that are typically around 30% of the regular cost of base price tickets.

3-Day Florida Resident Tickets

The nice thing about the 4-day pass is you don’t necessarily need to add the park hopper option to see all four of the main Disney theme parks.

4-Day Florida Resident Tickets

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