Disney Skyliner Gondola Guide – Map, Route, & Air Cooling

You’ve probably heard about the Disney Skyliner Gondola system, the brand new transportation system in Walt Disney World.

It offers guests some of the best views in Walt Disney World, carrying them high above the tree line and even passing over some of the hotels. You might say this is the “most magical flight on Earth.”

Just like every year, the Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World will briefly close for refurbishment in early 2024.

(UPDATE) – Disney Skyliner Closing for Refurbishment in January 2024

The refurbishment will begin in January and the entire Disney Skyliner system will be closed from January 16 through January 21, 2024.

After than the Skyliner route from Disney’s Riviera Resort up to the International Gateway at EPCOT will remain closed from January 22 through January 27, 2024.

During the time the Skyliner is down, bus service will be available to the parks from all the Disney Skyliner resorts.

Again, this is a closure for routine maintenance, much like Disney has done in the last few years, so don’t expect any big changes to the Skyliner system.

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