Biggest Disney World Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

In this story, I am going to go over all the worst mistakes that most guests make.

This is going to be especially useful if it’s your first visit, but even if you’ve been dozens of times, you are going to learn some new tips and things to avoid to make your trip even more magical.

The holiday times are generally the most EXPENSIVE times of year to visit Walt Disney World.

Going During Major Holidays

It is ESSENTIAL to get this right, purchasing the wrong tickets can easily cost your family hundreds of dollars.

Buying the Wrong Ticket Type

For guests that aren’t aware, you can easily book a room for the full rack rate, which can be quite a bit more than the discounted rates you can easily find.

Not Taking Advantage of Big Discounts

While this isn’t as non-negotiable as it’s been in the past, due to a significantly lessened Disney Resort experience, we still absolutely recommend staying on-site!

Not Staying at a Disney World Hotel

By renting DVC Points, you can get a Deluxe Studio, which are essentially standard hotel rooms for somewhere in the $300-$350 range per night! This is an enormous savings!

Not Renting DVC Points

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