Best Time to Visit Disney World 2023 & 2024

Even though there is never really a bad time to go to Disney World, picking the right time can make the experience all the more magical.

We’ve visited in every season of the year for as long as we can remember and though we always have fun, there are definitely certain times of the year when Disney World is better.

We rank each month from best to worst and break down some of our favorite weeks and days, and which ones to avoid.

September always has some of the lowest crowds all year in Disney World since kids have just gone back to school and parents are reluctant to take them out at the start of the school year.

1. September

2. November

The first half of November is extremely light for crowds, especially during the week. This means low wait times and room to breathe in the parks.

December is certainly one of the most popular times to visit Disney World, with holiday decorations up and plenty of holiday-themed events happening.

3. December

4. January

Crowds disappear after New Year’s week which means excellent deals on vacation packages, hotels and park tickets.

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