Are Disney Tickets Refundable?

In this story, we are going to explain Disney’s ticket cancellation policy, how it works, and if you can get a refund.

We’ll also cover if Disney World tickets are transferable to another person and if you can change the dates on the tickets.

Generally speaking, theme park tickets and packages at Walt Disney World are nonrefundable and if you cancel them you will not get your money back.

Are Disney World Tickets Refundable?

According to Disney’s official site, tickets are generally non-transferable.

Are Disney World Tickets Transferable?

Changing the Dates on Disney World Park Tickets

You are allowed to change the dates on your park tickets without losing any money.

1. Log in to your My Disney Experience account. 2. Click on ‘My Tickets’ and choose the ‘Change Ticket’ option.

To change your ticket dates:

Can I Just Keep Pushing the Dates Back Forever?

At this point in time, you can keep pushing back the start dates of your park tickets an unlimited number of times until you end up using them.

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