Amazing Tips for Disney World 2024 | First-Timers & Pros

In this story, we will cover the Top 150 tips for planning a trip to Walt Disney World and having a blast once you are there.

The tips that we give here are not only for first-time visitors but also Disney veterans who have been to the parks dozens of times.

The best months to visit are January, mid to late August, and September. The crowds will be far lesser, and you’ll be able to fully maximize your time.

Go During the Least Busy Times of the Year

Once you've covered hotel, park tickets, and transportation, remember there are more expenses at Walt Disney World. Hence, having a solid vacation budget beforehand is crucial.

Don’t Go Over Your Budget

If you’re planning on visiting other Orlando-based attractions, having a car on hand can be incredibly simple and easy to get around.

Consider Renting a Car

It’s absolutely worth it and it’s an incredibly fun and enjoyable way to get around while giving you some terrific views from 60 feet above the ground.

Don’t Skip a Ride on the Disney Skyliner

The parks in the early afternoon can be brutal in the sun, taking away from your ability to fully enjoy your time without sweating to death.

Take a Midday Break

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