2024 Walt Disney World Annual Passes | Full Guide

In this story, we are going to go over go over all the new changes to the WDW Annual Pass program including AP ticket types, prices, perks, blockout dates, add-ons, and more.

While many aspects of the new annual pass program are the same, there are a bunch of changes to be aware of before deciding whether it makes sense to buy one for yourself or not.

We’ll update you on all of the changes and everything you need to know about the Pixie Dust Pass, Pirate Pass, Sorcerer Pass, and Incredi-Pass at Disney World.

If you make a park reservation for Magic Kingdom, as soon as you enter the park, you can leave and go to a second park without having to wait for 2:00 pm.

This is in addition to the recent update which allows Annual Passholders to visit the Disney World theme parks after 2:00 pm without first making a park reservation.

The only exception to this new change is on Saturdays and Sundays at Disney’s Magic Kingdom where park reservations are still required.

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