2024 Disney World Planning Guide | Disney Vacation Planning

Planning a trip to Disney World in 2024 or 2025? Our guide has everything you need to prepare stress-free!

This guide is especially great for beginners who have never been to Disney World or go rarely, but we also pack in a lot of good tips for regular guests too.

How Do I Start Planning a Trip to Disney World?

STEP 1: Write down notes

There are going to be a lot of details, prices, and dates to remember so get a dedicated notebook for your upcoming trip.

Make no mistake about it, a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive and costs can add up very quickly.

STEP 2: Set a Budget

STEP 3: Get familiar with Disney World

Start researching Disney World now, even if you're not ready to book your vacation. Get familiar with the locations, attractions, restaurants, and events.

STEP 4: Choose your Dates

These don’t have to be written in stone, but we recommend at least having some idea of when you would like to plan your trip for.

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