2024 Discount Disney Gift Cards | Ultimate Guide

In this story, we'll cover Discount Disney Gift Cards, highlighting the best places to purchase them for savings, their usability, and what you can purchase with them.

As you know, the price of a Disney World vacation grows almost by the minute, so if there is a way to save money, I’m all for it and you should be too.

Like with all gift cards, Disney gift cards are little tiny plastic cards (think credit cards) that have a fixed amount of money on them.

Savings with Disney Gift Cards

Prior to your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, you can use gift cards to purchase your resort package and your theme park tickets.

Where Can You Use Disney Gift Cards?

Walt Disney World Resort

Similar to Disney World, you can use your gift cards in advance to purchase both tickets and a Disneyland hotel reservation if purchasing directly through Disneyland’s site.

Disneyland Resort

It’s a beautiful resort that has all the amenities of a Disney Vacation!

Aulani Resort

You can use your Disney gift cards for the booking of a Disney Cruise when booked through Disney.

Disney Cruise Line

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