2023 Discount Disney Gift Cards | Ultimate Guide

Did you know that you can save some BIG money on your trip to Walt Disney World by using Disney Gift Cards to pay for it?

This is a huge money-saving secret many guests don’t know about, and it’s why we’ve put together our best tips on how to do it in this Discount Disney Gift Card guide!

Like with all gift cards, Disney gift cards are little tiny plastic cards (think credit cards) that have a fixed amount of money on them.

What Are Disney Gift Cards?

If you are able to purchase a $50 Disney gift card for only $45, you are saving 10% off the cost of what you would pay on your Disney trip.

What Are Discounted Gift Cards?

While this can be acquired on occasion, the truth is you can more realistically expect to save 5% with the least amount of hassle.

Savings with Disney Gift Cards

Prior to your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, you can use gift cards to purchase your resort package and your theme park tickets.

Where Can You Use Disney Gift Cards?

Walt Disney World Resort

Similar to Disney World, you can use your gift cards in advance to purchase both tickets and a Disneyland hotel reservation if purchasing directly through Disneyland’s site.

Disneyland Resort

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