Will a 5th Park Ever Come to Disney World? Why and Why Not

Rumors about a 5th theme park coming to Walt Disney World have been around since the 4th one, Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998. But is it possible? Could a 5th park Disney World actually happen?

In this story, we’ll discuss why it does or does not makes sense for Disney to build a new theme park in Florida, the latest rumors about it, but also why it probably won’t get built anytime soon.

They Have the Land

Why It’s a Good Idea to Build a 5th Disney World Park

15,000 acres (approximately) is a ton of space and you can put 3-4 new parks there if you really wanted to.

Disney Has Never Been Stronger

Box office ticket sales also completely dried up, with most movies theaters closed and few blockbuster films hitting the big screen over the past couple of years.

During the busy seasons especially, the Disney World theme parks get very crowded, and they’ve needed more capacity now for years.

Overcrowding in the Parks

Seeing how people love the currently 4 theme parks, they would certainly come flocking to a 5th one.

It Could Mean Higher Revenue

If built properly and with the right economic circumstances, a 5th park would increase company revenue and propel the company forward in the Orlando theme park market for decades.

Believe it or not but there is a full-on theme park war going on in Central Florida and Disney and Universal have been exchanging heavy blows for the last decade.

Universal is Catching Up with Disney

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