What's the Best Age for Disney World?

Wondering the perfect age to take your children to Walt Disney World? You want them to fully enjoy this trip of a lifetime, so finding that "perfect age" is key.

This story will explore the minimum age for a Disney World visit, optimal ages for each park, and a breakdown of pros and cons for different age groups.

Technically, you can start bringing your children to Walt Disney World whenever you want to, but if you ask 10 parents what they think, you will likely get 10 different answers.

What is the Earliest Age Kids Can Visit Disney World?

0-2 years old – There is NO cost to enter the parks. 3-9 years old – In this age bracket, kids are classified as a ‘child’ and the price of tickets is a few dollars cheaper than adults.

Cost Considerations

Ticket Prices

Most kids are more than satisfied and they are very budget-friendly in comparison to the meals for adults.

Meal Prices

Generally speaking, there is NO charge for the kids to be in the room. So kids between 0 and 17 do NOT have an additional cost for the hotel.


Keep in mind from the age of 0-2, they are considered a “Lap Child” and will need to sit on someone’s lap for the duration of the flight.


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