Walt Disney World Hurricanes – Storm Closures and What to Do

Being located in Central Florida, Walt Disney World is going to get hit by hurricanes or strong storms from time to time.

In this story, we’ll share with you how often they occur, Disney World hurricane history, and what the current forecast is for 2022.

We’ll also share with you how Disney prepares for hurricanes, what happens when there are storms, what to do if you find yourself in Disney World when it happens.

For a few days, there were some concerns that Hurricane Fiona could have an impact on a trip to Walt Disney World.

Latest Storm Updates

According to the latest from the NOAA, as of 5:00 pm AST on September 22, “Fiona is expected to affect portions of Atlantic Canada as a powerful hurricane-force cyclone late Friday and Saturday.”

Fiona has already been one of the strongest hurricanes/tropical storms of 2022, but Florida and Walt Disney World may not be out of the woods quite yet.

Acting Director of the National Hurricane Center Jamie Rhome explained more about the new storms, noting that a tropical storm is very likely to form over the next few days.

If nothing else, this should remind us that the hurricane season in Florida is long and anything can happen all the way through November.

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