Walt Disney Statue Coming to EPCOT

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There is a statue of Walt Disney in at least one park in every single Walt Disney Resort worldwide, and now there is also a new Walt Disney statue coming to EPCOT!

With all the changes to the EPCOT plans recently, it’s nice to know that some of the best parts are still going to be built.

The statue of the man that made everything possible will be located at a place called “Dreamer’s Point” which is right behind Spaceship Earth in the central spine of World Celebration.

It will be right outside the Creations Shop and the upcoming Connections Café and Eatery. The statue of Walt will be seated on a step, looking out over the park in the direction of World Showcase.

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During Destination D23, Josh D’Amaro showed a video of Imagineer and master sculptor Scott Goddard was shown putting the final touches on the clay model of the statue.

As D’Amaro pointed out, they are “getting Walt’s pose and expression just perfect.”

To these eyes, it seems pretty spot-on! So much attention to detail is going into this statue and it looks really close to the concept art from Disney.

It’s only fitting that Disney is building a statue dedicated to the company’s founder in the park that he worked so hard on creating.

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