Top Snacks at Epcot – Eating Around the World Showcase in 2023

While some of the attractions are fun, the real reason you come to Epcot is to eat!

Of all the awesome places in Disney World to eat, this park is at the top of the list! And let’s face it, Snacking Around the World in Epcot is perhaps our favorite Disney World pastime. 

You’d be mistaken to not try it as it has a perfect thin pastry shell and a sweet custardy cream. Great if you are a cherry fan!


Flan e Cerises (Cherry and Flan Tart)

The perfect combo between tart and sweet, with a spongey meringue topping, makes this a must-get Epcot snack!

Citron (Lemon Meringue Tart)

The pastry dough is very light and flaky and the almond paste inside is just enough to meet expectations.

Almond Pastry (Oasis Sips & Sweets)


Here is where you get monster cups of shaved ice flavored with strawberry, blue raspberry, melon, cherry, or tangerine, and even covered in a sweet and creamy milk on top.


Kaki Gori (Kabuki Cafe)

There are a ton of varieties to choose from including: chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, cookies, and cream, or just plain with powdered sugar.

Funnel Cakes (Funnel Cake)

American Adventure

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