Top Disney World Rides & Attractions Guide (2022)

Ranking the best rides at Walt Disney World on one list is a truly monumental task. In this story, we are going to rank every ride at Disney World from worst to best.

These are the attractions you keep coming back to Disney World to ride over and over again!

If we are talking about just sheer numbers, Disney’s Magic Kingdom has the most rides of all the theme parks in Walt Disney World.

Which Disney Park has the Most Rides?

The longest ride at Walt Disney World is the Carousel of Progress, which has a length of 20 minutes and 45 seconds.

What is the Longest Ride at Disney World?

The worst ride at Walt Disney World is TriceraTop Spin.

Best Rides at Walt Disney World Ranked

62. TriceraTop Spin

We had high hopes for Alien Swirling Saucers to be something unique in the spinner ride category, but those hopes were quickly dashed a few seconds into our first ride.

61. Alien Swirling Saucers

If you notice a theme, it’s that we aren’t super fond of the spinner rides.

60. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

59. The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer is the smallest and worst roller coaster in Walt Disney World.

It’s fun to take a ride down Main Street U.S.A. in these vehicles and they are a trip down memory lane into the turn of the century.

58. Main Street Vehicles

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