Space 220 Lounge in EPCOT (Better than the Restaurant?)

If you are looking for an out-of-this-world dining experience, in a relaxed atmosphere, the Space 220 Lounge is for you!

In this story, we'll cover all you need to know about the Space 220 Lounge: the menu, a full review of the food and drinks, reservations, and the restaurant vs. lounge differences.

If you dream of being in space, dining at Space 220 takes you 220 miles away to an international space station!

What is Space 220 Like?

The Space 220 Lounge offers greater options and flexibility compared to the Space 220 Restaurant.

What is the Difference Between Space 220 Lounge and Space 220 Restaurant?

The first way is by having an ADR (Advance Dining Reservation). – The second way is by walking up and getting a spot at the bar (only for adults).

How Do You Get Into the Lounge at Space 220?

Yes! The Space 220 Lounge serves up a number of fun and tasty concoctions!

Does Space 220 Lounge Serve Alcohol?


Right when you get inside the dining room area of the restaurant, you’ll instantly be awed by the amazing and incredible views of “space.”

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