Should You Visit Walt Disney World 

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Planning when to visit Walt Disney World is already a difficult decision, but with everything happening so far in the last couple of years, it’s proved to be a bigger challenge than usual. 

The question many people are wondering now is: “Should I visit Walt Disney World in 2022, or wait until 2023?”

Disney World Regulars vs First Time Visitors The first factor is what kind of a Disney World guest you are.

No matter who you are, you should be planning your trip around a combination of factors including crowds, weather, events, park hours, and more.

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If you are planning your first visit to Disney World, there is no “perfect time” to go. Remember this.

Disney World is always in motion and whether or not you go in 2022, 2023, or even 2024, it will be different each time.

The risk you run is waiting so long that your kids grow up and then you miss those precious moments you could have had together.

That’s why we usually say to go as soon as possible based on your family’s schedule and budget.

Even though there are plenty of new projects under construction to look forward to in 2022, there will be even more opening in 2023, and 2024, etc.

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