Using Standby Queue for Rise of the Resistance 

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Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is no longer using the virtual queue system and has instead moved over to a traditional standby line.

This is a huge difference from what guests were used to in the attraction’s almost first two years of existence.

There are multiple factors for the switch, though we feel some are stronger than the rest. The first reaction could be that this was the plan all along.

After all, when Disney first opened the virtual queue in December 2019, guests were under the impression that the boarding groups would be a temporary solution for Rise of the Resistance.

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Up until that point all attractions have always had a standby queue but it made sense for Rise of the Resistance to utilize the virtual queue due to the extreme popularity of the ride.

This way we would avoid lines potentially 5+ hours long and make it much more pleasant for guests to experience.

While wait times for Rise of the Resistance have been high, they haven’t been quite as bad as we originally thought, at least so far.

Since using the standby queue, the average wait times for Rise of the Resistance have been approximately 83 minutes at any given time during the day.

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