Recent Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increases (2023)

We all knew this was coming eventually, and today we got our latest Walt Disney World ticket price increase.

Let’s break down just exactly what has changed from 2022 vs. 2023.

(UPDATE) – Disney just announced more Walt Disney World ticket price increases for 2023 multi-day park tickets, with some big differences compared to last year.

Multi-Day Disney World tickets went up in price all the way from $11 per day to $40 depending on the number of days chosen.

Magic Kingdom: $124-$189 (plus tax)EPCOT: $114-$179 (plus tax)Hollywood Studios: $124-$179 (plus tax)Animal Kingdom: $109-$159 (plus tax)

1-Day Disney World park ticket prices:

Magic Kingdom is the highest and tops out at $189, followed by EPCOT and Hollywood Studios which both top at $179, and Animal Kingdom which remains at the old high of $159.

That equates to an increase in the base price of $5-$15 for all parks but the Animal Kingdom, and an increase of $20-$30 each for those same 3 parks.

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