Price Increase on Disney World Snacks, Alcohol, and Dole Whip

Price increases at Walt Disney World are a regular occurrence, and if you are going in 2022 or 2023, Some of the recent price increases on snacks and food in general at restaurants may surprise you.

In this latest round of increases, not only did snack prices go up, but also the price of most food and drink items at almost all the table service restaurants at Disney World too.

Snacks:Popcorn: was $4.99, now $5.50 – Popcorn Bucket: was $11.29, now $13.00 – Popcorn Bucket Refill: was, $1.89, now $2.25

Which Snacks Increased in Price?

Quick Service:Most Quick Service Entrees: $0.30 to $1.00 increase – French Bistro Burger (Connections Eatery): was $12.99, now $13.79


Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite 20oz. bottles: increased to $4.29 in some locations and as much as $5.00 at some carts and $4.69 at resorts.

Pineapple Float: $6.99 – Cinnamon Roll: $4.49 – Coffee Cake: $4.29

Thankfully, there were some snacks that remained the same and didn’t go up in price:

Alcoholic drink prices increases are all across property with drinks like margaritas, martinis, beer, hard root beer floats, and the like going up between $1-2 per drink in almost every location.

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