Parking at Disney World

In this story, we’ll explain everything you need to know about parking at Walt Disney World including parking fees and options, where to leave your car at each theme park.

Of course, no one wants to actually pay for parking when visiting Disney World, and we’ll even show you how to avoid the fees under the right circumstances and actually park for free.

We’ll also cover parking for guests with disabilities, annual passholders, where to charge your electric vehicle, and general tips for driving around Disney World including road signs and exits.

In 2023, Walt Disney World stopped charging an overnight parking fee for resort hotel guests, allowing them to park for free!

This change appears to be an effort by the company to make amends with Disney fans and their negative outlook toward the company over the last few years.

Valet parking is still available at all the Disney World resorts and costs $33 per night per car (inclusive of tax).

Are Parking Fees Per Person?

Disney World parking fees are per car and are not for each person.

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