Park Hopping at Walt Disney World in 2022 | New Rules & FAQs

Park Hopping is now back at Walt Disney World in 2022, though in a modified version and with new rules.

Thankfully, now in 2022, the Park Hopper option is back. Here's our guide to park hopping in Disney World and how you can now visit more than one park per day.

How Many Parks Can I Hop to in One Day?

There is not a restriction on the number of parks you can visit per day. In fact, it’s possible for guests to go to all 4 parks in one day.

What Time Does Park Hopping Start?

Guests can start park hopping at 2:00 pm each day and can continue until closing time. That means anytime after 2:00 pm, guests are free to change parks.

Before You Go

Not all tickets let guests go to multiple theme parks in the same day. If that is something you want to do, make sure you purchase a ticket with the park hopper option.

Disney World guests who want to park hop must follow these 4 simple steps:

- Make a Disney Park Pass Reservation for the FIRST Park you want to visit that day.

- Confirm Park Hopping Hours for that day (Right now it’s at 2:00pm) - Visit your FIRST Park.

- When Park Hopping hours start later that day, check availability for the NEXT Park. Visit the SECOND Park. Rinse and repeat.

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Park Hopping at Walt Disney World in 2022