News in Disney World: Ride, Attraction & More Coming 2022-2024

In this story, we are going to discuss all the newest Disney World rides and attractions, as well as give you a glimpse of everything coming to the parks in 2022-2024.

I know 2024 seems like a long time away, but with all the new rides that Disney is currently building, we want to prepare you for what’s next.

The good news is that if you haven’t been in a few years, there are already a ton of new attractions in Disney World to come and see.

We’ll keep this story updated whenever new information comes out, so keep checking back periodically to see the latest EPCOT overhaul plans.

You also may know that Disney has introduced new MagicBands in 2022 called MagicBand+. This accessory is the next generation and has a ton of interactive features guests can use during their stay.

The biggest news recently about this park is that Disney is working on a huge Magic Kingdom expansion behind Big Thunder Mountain.

Magic Kingdom


A great way to see what’s coming to EPCOT was to visit the EPCOT Experience exhibit at the Odyssey Pavilion.

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