New EPCOT Changes & Expansion | Renovation Project Updates

EPCOT park in Walt Disney World is in the middle of the biggest transformation in park history over the next few years. Yes, there are many new changes coming to EPCOT in 2022 and beyond.

In this story, we are going to share with you all the details about the EPCOT expansion and all the new changes including new attractions, restaurants, themed areas, logos, and more.

The first new change to EPCOT affects the actual layout of the park. In the past, it has been divided into 2 halves, Future World and World Showcase.

New Park Layout

New Attractions in EPCOT

The plaza has much more space to walk now which should help with crowds for some of the future projects.

Entrance Plaza

The first section of the park we are going to look at is World Celebration. This is the first area you will enter as you pass the EPCOT entrance plaza.

World Celebration

Disney has made a strong effort to make EPCOT more nature-friendly filling the park with as much green as possible.

EPCOT Gardens

Estimated Opening Date – TBD

Not only is the area filled with lush gardens, and a storytelling fountain, it’s also highlighted by a statue of Walt Disney.

Dreamer’s Point

Estimated Opening Date – 2022?

Club Cool is a place to go in EPCOT where you can try unique soda offerings from around the world, and do it for free.

Club Cool

Opening Date – NOW OPEN

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