Mobile Ordering at Disney World | How to Use It and Tips

In this story, we are going to explain everything there is no know about Mobile Ordering at Disney World so you can take advantage of it by skipping the lines and picking up your food without waiting.

We’ll show you how to use Disney’s Mobile Ordering, all the benefits you get from using it and why it’s so important to the parks now.

Disney’s Mobile Order allows you to skip the lines at quick service restaurants and pick up your food.

What is Disney Mobile Ordering?

1. Open My Disney Experience app.

Type your username and password associated with the account.

From the Home screen in My Disney Experience click the “+” symbol in the bottom middle.

2. Click “My Plans” followed by “Order Food.”

3. Select a restaurant from the list.

This will bring you to a list of all the restaurants in Walt Disney World that use Mobile Ordering and you can scroll the list based on location.

Once you decide which restaurant you would like to eat in, select the name which will bring you to a page with more info about that location.

4. Choose “Order Food” again.

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