The Mary Poppins Attraction is On Hold But Not Canceled in Epcot’s UK Pavilion

One of the more exciting new projects planned for Disney World is the all-new Cherry Tree Land neighborhood that is coming to the UK pavilion in EPCOT, and with it a Mary Poppins attraction.

We know that the Mary Poppins project for EPCOT was announced at the most recent D23 Expo.

But due to the park closures and big budget cuts throughout Walt Disney World, it looked like it might not be happening at all at this point.

Chapek confirmed the project was on hold but assured listeners that it has not been definitively canceled.

And that Disney is still planning on moving forward with the project eventually, as well as others it was forced to put on hold.

Chapek cited the pandemic and budget cuts as the reasons the Mary Poppins project was put on hold.

This was a pretty surprising turn of events as Disney fans had all but given up hope of ever seeing Mary Poppins in EPCOT.

Mary Poppins EPCOT Project Details Before this announcement, what did we even know about the Mary Poppins project?

As described by Disney, guests will wander down the new Cherry Tree Land, the neighborhood from the Mary Poppins film franchise.

And step in time right over to number 17, the address of the Banks family residence.

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