MagicBand+ Styles, Designs & Discounts | How to Set Up

Disney launched the new MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World and this next-generation device is now available for guests to buy. But you'll need to know the styles, designs, and how to set it up to do.

In this story, we will show you exactly how to buy the new MagicBand+, the cost, and all the styles that are currently available on both or at the Disney World theme parks.

– The Base model MagicBand+ with all solid colors is $34.99 each, plus tax.MagicBand+ models with designs on them cost $44.99 each, plus tax.


Solid color MagicBand+ models are marked down to $24.99 from $34.99 ($26.92 after tax) – Premium Design MagicBand+ models cost $34.99 instead of $44.99 ($37.70 after tax)


In order to take advantage of the discount, Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests or Annual Passholders must order their MagicBand+ at least 6 days prior to their arrival.

Disney also likes to offer limited edition MagicBands which are even rarer and can be collectible.


How Many?

Currently, as of August 25, 2022, there are 38 different MagicBand+ models available for pre-arrival MagicBand+ orders.

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