Magic Kingdom Expansion | Coco & Disney Villains Land

There were a ton of announcements at this past D23 Expo, but none of them was more exciting than a potential Magic Kingdom expansion including an area themed to Coco and Disney Villains!

In this story, we'll cover all we've learned about Disney's "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" expansion at Magic Kingdom, set to go behind Frontierland.

Here is a list of possible themes for this beyond Big Thunder expansion project: – Coco – Disney Villains – Encanto

Behind Frontierland Expansion Ideas

This theme would work pretty well as it can easily be sold that a Mexican village lays beyond Big Thunder Mountain, which is located in the American Southwest or Texas or Arizona.


There would also be crazy potential for dining locations here, but it might be redundant at what is already offered at Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Cafe.


Putting Encanto would likely be another popular choice with fans, but it is less believable from a geographic point of view.

Even though fans reacted very positively to the first two ideas, the one that got the biggest applause from the audience was a potential Disney Villains-themed land.

Disney Villains

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