Magic Kingdom Expansion | Coco and Disney Villains Land

In this story, we are going to go over everything we learned about this expansion to Disney’s Magic Kingdom that Disney is calling “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain” and set to go behind the existing Frontierland.

We will cover all the latest news, info, and rumors about this expansion, what land or areas could be included, what type of attractions it might have, and when it could potentially open.

(UPDATE) – Disney Confirms Magic Kingdom Expansion Starting Soon

Great news from Disney this week! They confirmed the upcoming Magic Kingdom expansion is a go. Now, let's dive into what it might entail.

This week, Michael Hundgen, VP of Walt Disney World Portfolio at Walt Disney Imagineering, revealed plans to file building permits for the project.

These permits will encompass crucial aspects like storm drainage and foundational work for the new land.

Here is the approximate location for the permits that will be filed:

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