Luminous The Symphony of US EPCOT Fireworks Show | Hours & Info

On December 5, 2023, Disney premiered a new nighttime spectacular at EPCOT, Luminous: The Symphony of Us, replacing EPCOT Forever, Disney Harmonious, and the beloved Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

Luminous is already lighting up the World Showcase Lagoon and is one of the most impressive shows any Disney park has ever seen.

In this story, we are going to explain everything we know about “Luminous The Symphony of Us,” the newest fireworks show in EPCOT.

Films Represented in the Show

– Aladdin – Coco – Enchanted – Frozen 2 – The Lion King

Luminous Hours

– Under normal circumstances, Luminous The Symphony of Us runs at 9:00 pm nightly. – From now through December 30, 2023, Luminous is running at 9:30 pm nightly.

Luminous The Symphony of Us features songs:

– Heartbeat Symphony – You’ll Be in My Heart (Tarzan) – Proud Corazón (Coco) – Friend Like Me (Aladdin)

The songs that are from Disney films have been done in a different way than in the films with some lyrics being sung in languages from around the world.

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